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the database

the queues

things to do for prototype implementation

additional things to do

open issues

rdoc'd source

This source is updated frequently, and is newer than the downloadable tarballs.

See <URL:rdoc/index.html>.


Rearranged source tree and reimported into a new repo, as I didn't design the tree and it just grew like a weed. Or that green stuff in The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill.
Taking some time off from coding to clean up and document everything done so far.
Still documenting. Fixed a pile of bugs. Wrote a curses only client for displaying player status, so we don't have to rely on cdialog/Xdialog.
Added <URL:db.html>.
Added new ASCII db write code (writedb.rb). Started over on mkcddb.rb, to make fake cddb files for directories of files.
Added new ASCII db read code (mydb.rb) and tested on entire database.
Added mkcddb.rb utility to create fake cddb files for downloaded music, like that purchased from mp3.com.
Found out that a PIII 733 isn't fast enough to be a shoutcast server. Bummer.
Mutated xxjnamed into the queue manager, since it has to handle or call the queue manager for a number of things. Added sorting to reading and writing the database. Docs for queuemgr coming soon.
Development suspended while I work out some design problems.

code availability

The code is available on sourceforge.net. It requires Ruby with the 1.8 shim (or Ruby 1.8 - untested), and the mp3stat program.

The code packages are by now out of date. Look for a new release soon.

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The reason it needs the update to ruby is that is uses the OptionParser class defined therein.

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