The XXJ Database


Example record

# this is a comment: He Died of Acne.
  dartist Bill the Cat
  dtitle  Ack! Thppxxt!
  discid  ffffffff
  dyear   1980
  dsecs   444
  dsortby b
  track 01
    +artist Bill the Cat
    +title  The Coughin' Blues
    +path  /path/to/mp3s/bill_the_cat/ack_thppxt/01-the_coughin_blues.mp3
    +secs  220
  track 02 
    +artist Bill the Cat
    +title  AckAck!
    +path  /path/to/mp3s/bill_the_cat/ack_thppxt/02-ackack.mp3
    +secs  224
end disc

Notes to implementors

I suggest ignoring lines with keys that are not recognized, to allow for future expansion.

Updates to the database may be safely ignored by the client; it is recommended that database updates be handled, but this is not required. The features (new songs, deleted songs, new keywords, etc.) will simply not be available to the client that ignores updates.

The database file location will be supplied as a URL available from queuemgr. The exact call is neither decided upon nor implemented right now.


Added the dsortby field. This tells the lowercase alphabetic or numeric character by which this entry should be sorted. It's used (if desired) by the database reading code to allow links to the first entry sorted by each number or letter.

Last Modified

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